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    Dresses for Mother in law and Mother

    Your budget might be a bit low if you want to custom make. Cheapest so far i have checked for tailor made clothes can be found in city plaza. My mum brought my grandma to custom make a 2 piece outfit at about $300.
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    Question on live band and sound system

    With the hotel's recommendation, we decided to take the sound system from the live band as well. Since already paying for the band why not pay the additional so that the programme will not be ruined? I engaged a four piece band with Ywenna Carollin as the singer from Love Notes. Didn't manage...
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    I just signed my wedding banquet with Mandarin Orchard. They proposed the same perks from their wedding showcase to me. You may like to head down to the wedding showcase on 31st Jan for more details.
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    Letting go: La Belle Couture Package (Pre-Wedding+AD)

    Hi, interested in the package. please email me at [email protected]