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    Pin Jing & Ang Bao Issues

    Hi Chingster , I think it will be good to try to look at it this way; just a small disclaimer that I am not strongly enforcing my ideas in anyway. Not sure if you have ROM-ed, but during wedding planning , the stress and the true colours come out to light ! I am speaking from my own...
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    WTS :Paolo Sebastian Gown

    Size US 4-6. Worn on AD once and only indoors , has been dry cleaned & excellent condition. Comes with inner ivory pc, not as sheer as picture attached.
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    June 2018 BTB

    Hello ! Hmm, mine is likely gonna be a restaurant inside a hotel.. even the event coordinator keeps highlighting .. we aren't a ballroom , we are a restaurant That's cos everything also wanna charge extra ..
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    June 2018 BTB

    Thanks for the assurance ! Fingers crossed , Shangri la is out lest we go for the later dates . Generally avoiding that as he has a bigger work assignment during those periods. On a side note , is anyone here going for a made to measure with any of the local designers ? I have been quoted a...
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    June 2018 BTB

    Am gonna be a June 2018 BTB! gulps, looking at the forum , I seem way behind in planning.. :( We've only just started with the hotels, and checked out Andaz, Shangri-La & Fullerton Bay for now.