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  1. buddhabar

    Festive Season blues

    Here comes the lunar Chinese new year again, I dread festive season more than ever, due to the endless "kaypo" relatives asking the obvious questions which were answered exactly the same year after year. I went travelling last year, but my kids seems to miss the festive fun which is unfair to...
  2. buddhabar

    No children = no future?

    My best friend revealed to me the pain and disappointment she experienced in her past relationships. I have shared my honest and truthful views with her. I would like to hear from anyone. She has a dark past, had an abortion resulting in her inconceivable status today. She doesn't want any kids...
  3. buddhabar

    Who is worst off

    I was having this light hearted chat with my best friend who is also my childhood friend of 30 years. She is 41, single, financially sound and I am 41, divorced with 2 kids, financially sound too. I told her my 2 kids drives me up the wall and drains my energy dry although they are certainly my...