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  1. Cutepetz

    Flower Crowns, flower pins and veil

    1. Flower Crown with Veil (60-80cm) - $5 2. Preserved dusty rose flower crown - $5 3. Blue flower pin (Only the only one, do not have the single flower) - $4 4. Sakura flower Veil , 175cm (The flowers are fragile) - $30 Please Pm me if interested
  2. Cutepetz

    AD Wedding Itinerary template

    Hihi! I would also want that! Can you please email it to [email protected] !! Thank you ^^
  3. Cutepetz

    2019 BTB

    Wow! Hahaha! Never though of that! I may wear that for my prewed shoot then!
  4. Cutepetz

    2019 BTB

    Ahh!! I was thinking about that place too! But due to time constrain, I bought mine overseas since none of the others really impressed me. I had one bridal studio that was horrible in their emails. x-x
  5. Cutepetz


    Can I see the Mr and Mrs sign?
  6. Cutepetz

    2019 BTB

    Yea! haha Is a very common practice in Korea. Seems like you got a good Singapore studio! I had really bad experience with many of them :(
  7. Cutepetz

    Andaz Singapore

    Im taking lunch. Yea I just notice for a really new hotel. They are really expensive. The place is really selling their location and also the style of the ballroom to be one of the kind.
  8. Cutepetz

    Roving Photographer VS Photo Booth

    Anyone got a good roving photographer contact?!
  9. Cutepetz

    2019 BTB

    Mar BTB here :3 That is what korean bridal shop will do.
  10. Cutepetz

    Andaz Singapore

    I tried to ask for an additional wish but they say no. They only waive corkage for each table thou. Is probably how good are you in negotiating?
  11. Cutepetz

    Bridesmaids Dresses from Taobao

    Yup! Just bought my bridemaids dresses from taobao and it came pretty nice. I feel that you should always see the reviews and customers photos when choosing! That's the most important.
  12. Cutepetz

    Andaz Singapore

    Anyone had their wedding at Andaz already? I also book with them on Mar 2019 and I want to know if the food is good!