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    Husband still missing ex gf

    Happen to find out that hubby searching for informations of ex gf ( 1st love), thru website, twitter, friendster etc. Feel very disturbed. He has been a lovely and responsible hubby to me. and i understand that it might be a form of sweet memory everyone has. I still feel very hurt.
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    Any good tyre shop?

    Hi, hubby thinking to change tyre for his car, any good and reasonable pricing tyre shop to recommend? near amk, tai seng or toa payoh area? Thanks!
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    Calling BOys and Girls from Hua Yi Sec Sch

    HI Folks, anyone studing in Hua Yi from yr 1988-1991? Just want to ask how is everyone doing? Happily sitting at the top of the corporate ladder or still struggling everyday just like me? Ha ha