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    WTS: Local Designer Danny L Gowns & Others

    1. Elegrance ROM / Day White Dress - Here 2. Danny L Sweetheart Cut White Gown - Here 3. Chinese Tea Ceremony Cheongsam - Here 4. Evening Purplish Gold Deep V Glitter Gown - Here 5. Elegrance Bolero (paired with Wedding Gown for New Look) - Here For Mothers or Mother-In-Law 1...
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    Tranfer Case Successful?

    Anyway did a transfer successfully? What are the usual course of action? Please advise as we are keen with one package but also want to exercise caution.
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    Malaysian Tour Agencies

    Anyone used to book their tours from Malaysian Tour Agencies? My friend went on her Korea Trip via a Malaysian Tour Agent and paid RM4000 for the whole trip. Was planning one to Rome. Anyone have any ideas?
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    WTS: Elegrance ROM Gown

    Hi, am letting go of my ROM Gown at $200. It is unique as Swarvoski crystals are added to the top by myself for that added glitter. Free Size as it's ties at the back. Will include in remaining crystals and the non-woven gown bag for free.
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    ROM and Holy Mat Seperate

    I'd like to hold it separately. Anyone can advice 1. ROM: To use the venue at ROM, I would still need to engage my own JP? Or will there be a JP allocated to me when i book a date. 2. Holy Mat: Any Pastors (non-JPs are also ok), that are open to officiate the Holy Matrimony portion? My church...
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    Destination Wedding Shoot in Rome

    I'm planning to go Rome for my shoot. Anyone can recommend a decently priced photographer and makeup artist?
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    Bridal Shops that Allow Trying

    I'm contemplating if I should go with a Package or Ala Carte. Was wondering if there are any bridal shops that allow me to go and try the gowns without me pre-purchasing any package from any of the wedding shows. Is that possible?
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    ROM First & Holy Matrimony Later

    Was wondering if I can register for my wedding at ROM first. So I can proceed to get a house and paperwork done. After a year or so (saving money in the meantime), I have a Pastor (don't need to be JP) to conduct the Holy Matrimony Service and bless the union before having my banquet. Is such...