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  1. Nanahoh

    2019 BTB

    I asked that earlier but didn't get any reply (if there was any WhatsApp group around) :)
  2. Nanahoh

    2019 BTB

    Hi all - need help :X I was at ******** this morning and saw a few bridal studios for their actual day package. Most of them come with full day photographer as part of the package, except TWG. They have partners whom I can choose from. We would also like to have photo booth as well as instant...
  3. Nanahoh

    Roving Photographer VS Photo Booth

    Hey Alexa, do you mind sharing the contacts?
  4. Nanahoh

    2019 BTB

    Thank you! Let me check srslyphotobooth out :-)
  5. Nanahoh

    2019 BTB

    Hi guys, anyone using for AD photobooth, photos and videos? I was at Pan Pacific yesterday for the wedding show and they are having a promo. Or if you have anyone in mind to recommend that would be great! Thanks in advance! Also, any WhatsApp group around for 2019 BTB? :-)
  6. Nanahoh

    2019 BTB

    Hey! Me too :) Nov 2019 BTB!
  7. Nanahoh

    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Hey dear, can you share with him his rates? :) Thank you!
  8. Nanahoh

    Can’t post

    Sorry to start a new topic as I can’t reply to the earlier thread. Still experiencing the same issue and here’s a screengrab for reference.
  9. Nanahoh

    Can’t reply to posting

    Hi, it keeps prompting me that my message is spam related etc and therefore cannot post anything to existing topics. Please help.