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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    If this is the case, then its very easy. Get a helper and clean everyday. Get your husband to pay. If he feels the pinch, then he will have to speak to his dad and settle with him. I understand you are looking forward to your 二人世界 . Talk things over nicely with your BF. Filial piety is...
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    Dear TS, I believe you are aware that marriage is not just about the 2 of you. You will be marrying into his family and your children will be carrying his surname. And i also believe family traits, so your BF may even have the same habits as your future FIL which you do not like. If you can...
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    what should i do to make him stay?

    Do you remember what exactly happened between both of you 5.5 years ago? I believe the friend's question 5.5 years ago was just a trigger. Or what could have happened recently that brought up the trigger again?
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    Put yourself in your BF's shoes, what if its your dad who is going to stay with you? Will you react the same way? and how would you feel if your BF react the same way as how you reacted now?
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    Husband offering beer to lady at the bar

    So to you, what is wrong with buying the lady a drink at the bar?
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    8years of relationship (broke up before banquet and ROM)

    Fights and arguments are unavoidable in a relationship but if she is reluctant to come back, could it be that you have not changed your ways as you promised previously? Or this the first time she spoke her mind with regards to your way of communication and behaviour? When a woman gives up, she...
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    Bridesmaids and groomsmen angbao

    hmm. If yes, then why should they not give ang paos to the newly weds, just like any other guests who are invited to the banquet? wait, are you the newly wed couple? or the 1 of the bridesmaids/groomsmen?
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    Bridesmaids and groomsmen angbao

    Are they invited to the banquet?
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    Torn btwn having solemnisation together with banquet or separate days

    Hmmm, why not do tea ceremony after the lunch? Doing tea ceremony does not have to be in an auspicious hour, right? Or if not, make the ceremony simple and sweet, just do immediate family, citing tight schedule. I am sure they will understand. Starting day early May not help in your case if...
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    Torn btwn having solemnisation together with banquet or separate days

    Start your day early lor. Estimate the number of guests who will be attending tea ceremony and the solemnisation time then work backwards to estimate your starting time of the day. Unless you are "Pang dang" re the fetch bride timing else I think its doable. Just my suggestion, you can be in...
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    Non-believer Muslim convert married to Muslim.

    Sorry, you guys agree not to have kids and you guys are suddenly on the same page? Confused. Aren't you guys already on the same page? Or both of you suddenly have the urge to have your own kids now?
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    Cutting ties with children from previous marriage?

    Love is blind but at your age, you should be rational too. Maybe you should ask her the same question too - will she cut her ties with her parents for you.
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    Non-believer Muslim convert married to Muslim.

    Do you still love your partner? Pardon me, what has religion got to do with conceiving?
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    Not sure what to do

    Just curious, is he abusive towards his parents too? Or just you only?
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    Not sure what to do

    When was the last time he abused you? What was the worst abuse he did to you? What if the next time is the fatal one? *touch wood* Gal, you have to protect yourself. Learn some self defense. Money can be earned. Physical wounds can be healed. Do not let him abuse you anymore. Respect yourself.
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    Not sure what to do

    May I ask why did you agree to marry him despite him being physical with you during dating?
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    Husband cheated on me twice...

    I only have 1 question for you - if he cheats on you for the 3rd time, what will you do? i read somewhere and i quote here "the more chances you give someone the less respect they will start to have for you. They will begin to ignore the standards the you have set because they know another...
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    Help! Tea ceremony - how many elders is too many?

    Hihi, are your parents requesting that their cousins and your distant cousins to be included in the tea ceremony as well?
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    My husband is an introvert and boring person

    Is your husband the only child? I assume his father has passed away? Do you mean sleeping in the same room rather than sharing 1 bed?