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    Whose fault?

    Aiyo... pls dun get angry over trivial matters. 7.30pm is not consider late and you are the envy of lots of women that ur hubby cooks for you.
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    Haiz I cant sleep.. Bro Milo thanks for ur wake up slap. LoL
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    Bro Arsenal, I was a gd guy all along. I wanted to be a bad guy as it seems bad guys get all the girls and married bad guys have flings outside and yet their marriage lives are perfect. I tried to be bad for once and during this period of separation, I learnt to drink and went KTV with...
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    Milo bro, seriously I have doubts about starting another relationship and getting married again. I had 2 relationships. 1st relationship, I unknowingly became a 3rd party for a yr or so before I found out that she had a bf of many years. I stepped out of the relationship. 2nd relationship...
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    Err.. u sounded mean with the WAKE UP ending. U seem sensitive to that bold sentence or was I wrong in my interpretation? Are you one of the cheating spouse? Just a joke.. =) Anyway, I was just phrasing in another way that being a good man does not necessary reap rewards. Hmm..I beg to...
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    Salvage? Annulment? Divorce?

    Hi all, new member here. Browsed through some threads and seems like the trend is changing. More woman are cheating on their spouses nowadays. Makes me have lesser confidence in love and marriage.
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    Hi Torn guy, I chanced upon this thread while sourcing for divorce processes. Reading your bad experiences soured my heart again. I felt that we are just like identical twins....hence I signed up an account to give you some support. I can fully empathize with you as I am currently going...