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    Intercontinental Singapore
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    $10k Revo Budget for D&B 4rm possible???

    Hi, May consider my contractor Alan Neo. He can be reach at 9856 8258. Our hse was reno by him 4yrs ago and everything still in good shape! Provided good advise and a very honest and straight forward chap
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    or maybe some medical issue which he do not wish to bring up?
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    Any chance that he might be gay? Just wondering... pls don be offended...
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    Finding it hard to accept the truth but what is the truth?

    so so so agreed with snoopies & Sm post!
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    Maintenance Issues for Wife & Children?????

    jus guessing... mayb his lawyer restrain him fm relating so much info online???
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    Looking for Bridemaid on 15 May 2010

    ya... y not omit it. Cos bridemaid/sister should be someone who is close to u...
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    Anyone knows LV & Gucci is cheaper in France or Italy?

    Can someone help me in regards to the tax rebate? My sil will be goin switzerland next mth and intend to ask her get a LV bag for me in paris. She will be flying in and departing from switzerland. How should she go abt it to get the tax refund? Isit jus fill up some forms at switzerland...
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    Arnoma Hotel Bangkok?

    Hv stayed in Arnoma Htl in end 2006.. rms are big and reception counter svc is gd... not to mention location is gd! Actually its less than 10min walk fm their mrt station... will choose Arnoma anytime over Asia htl We even walk to pratunum (sorry don knw how to spell) wholesale :p And...
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    Japan package with Dynasty Travel

    Hi doramee... y 2mths later? Better try to get yr refund bk fm them asap. U never wat will happen 2 mths later.... call them eveyday to chase... make up any story to get bk your $$$$...
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    6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

    Hi twt, tks for the info... i was quoted $800nett incl delivery for EWF771. Gd price? Will check out EWF984 as it seems a better option... i'm a lazy person... so need a simple machine... :p As wat Valerie mention above, is it true tat Electrolux is not as gd? Pls help...
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    Aircon : What are the current prices for Mitsubishi and Toshiba Invertor/Non-invertor Aircons?

    Hi guys, can try calling Tai wah @ Geylang. So far they offer the best price after checking wif [email protected] Tar, BestTech, All Best, Gain City, Creation etc... i'm getting Toshiba (compressor made in Japan) sys 3 Inverter(room) + sys 1 non-inverter(living rm) = $3686nett (incl 2x installation)...
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    6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

    Hi twt... any recommendation for electrolux 7kg front load WM? I wan something tat is simple to use as i'm so use to my Samsung top load tat i jus need to press a start button n it gauge everything 4 me U.stand tat front load take at least 1hr 45min to finish washing. So long....
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    Hi Ridz, I'm looking @ this Panasonic and Can't decide on which to get. It will be for a family of 3 n bedsheet/Quilt cover will b sent to laundry. Was thinking the wan wif dryer will b gd on long rainy days...