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    staying in a happy marriage

    so glad to hear from both of u! it'll be great if more couples can contribute and help to spread the much needed positivity :D
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    staying in a happy marriage

    thanks, it'll be great to hear from other happily married couples on suggestions such as above for my own benefit and notes too. mutuality is indeed a key factor in every marriage. like many real life couples here, we didn't start off mutually agreeing on one single direction. simple things...
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    staying in a happy marriage

    dear all, i'm new here and stumbled into this forum while looking for a reno contractor... (totally unrelated :rolleyes:) i hope to share about my personal experience... my husband and i have been married for 21 years now, we have 2 boys (my elder one is already serving his national service)...
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    Good Contractor to recommend

    Hi Xiuyu, can you pm me the contract details?
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    So happy with our house renovation

    Hi, please pm me the contract details.