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    Anger and Domestic Violence

    If you have read my posts here in the past, you would have realised that I am a victim of domestic violence and I'm a guy. My nick here is to remind me not to marry a wrong partner again. I was so depressed in the past and even hurt myself during my short 5 years marriage. I've finally...
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    [Help] Advice on buying bto flat

    The interest rate for bank loan is a lot cheaper than HDB loan so you should be happy that you can use bank loan instead. 1.5% bank loan Vs 2.6% HDB loan. The choice is clear.
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    Surrender of HDB due to Divorce

    1. Yes, you can appeal to sell the flat within MOP. There are successful cases 2. Nope. Not possible to waive off the payment since one can choose to sell it in the open market. HDB would pay you only about 90% of the valuation price so do think carefully before buying BTO flats with your...
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    Have you ever wished your spouse dead?

    Very long ago, I was also in the same predicament as you. I am the guy who was abused by my ex-wife. A lot of times I feel that the media is always portraying that the guys are always the abuser. This is really unfair. Nowadays, women can be the abuser also. I was scratched and hit by her and...
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    Questions on uncontested divorce

    1. Yes you can, provided no one reports you. You also need to know that without informing HDB, your ex-hubby cannot buy another flat after divorce 2. HDB won't allow the transfer the ownership without knowing that both of you have divorced. If both of you intend to stay in the house, the status...
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    Divorce and hdb matters

    The current procedure is such that you can only engage a valuer after signing of OTP. The procedure was changed many years back.
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    Divorce and hdb matters

    Like I say. HDB only can give you standard PR replies. You write 10 times to them, they would also reply 10 times with the same template.
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    Divorce and hdb matters

    Transaction was completed slightly after MOP but we started looking for buyers 1 year before the MOP. It was sold on open market. HDB is been tuned to only use standard templates in their replies. They have a list of standard replies in their computers. If you want action, it is best to go...
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    Divorce and hdb matters

    1. Yes. You should start to look for buyers now. It can take years for flat to be sold, depending on the market and the buyer as well as property agent, if you have one. 2. Yes, HDB would give you time to sell. About 6 months 3. You would have to write to HDB or see your MP. For me, I wrote...
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    Annulment advise needed

    Simple. When you don't feel like coming back to the house
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    You would need to declare to your future hubby. For annulment to be given, both of you should not have consummate the marriage. If there are no disagreement, it should finish within 6 months. If both of you have a matrimonial home, it has to be sold back to HDB at 90% of valuation price.
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    Can I still salvage my marriage?

    Didn't you already post the same topic in EDMW? There's already a number of serious replies there. If you still do not accept the fact, posting here would be equally pointless.
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    Sell HDB Flat First? Divorce Filing First?

    Yes, it makes more sense to do both together. You also have to consider the moving the furniture to a temporary storage location first whilst looking for a place to stay.
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    Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice

    Oh yeah...You have done a good job and let this be a reminder to all those guys who wanted to get marry or got male friends who wanted to get marry. Please think carefully. This is what you get when you marry a wrong gal. There are no turning back and there is no way to know the future of your...
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    Seeking advise on divorce

    Unfortunately, counselling is useless. The conclusion from the counsellor is always talked to each other. Yes, they listen to each party and give advices but ultimately, it would still be up to the couple. I went with my ex-wife before and in the end, I was accused by her of saying bad things...