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    Brand new Christy Ng Wedding Shoes

    sorry dear, lowest $55 thanks
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    Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park

    i had my ROM lunch at Ramada last sunday and i was very pleased with everything. the coordination staff were good and helpful. the buffet line looked better than i expected and the event lawn was so pretty! I didn't have to worry about anything at all! Food was good and in generous
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    MUA Review: Lynda Low

    i did my trial last month. it was good and she's v nice n friendly
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    WTS The Wedding Present Wedding Dress Short

    Perfect condition mtm wedding dress from TWP. Fits Uk6 to 8. Very pretty, comes w a pink sash and padding. Suitable for petite ladies Selling for $90 only Pls pm if interested :)
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    hi Dingoops, May i know if you negotiated during the wedding show?Coz i wont be gng to the show. Thinking if it's possible to get a discount outside the show. thanks!
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    MUA Review: Lynda Low

    im going to have her for my ROM makeup in June too. Prob having my trian in May or April. Her IG photos of her brides look not bad
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    Brand new Christy Ng Wedding Shoes

    1 inch in heel height. Satin, lace, leather counter back and other man made materials. Natural beige sole This flats come with beatiful french lace overlay. They also come with a dainty bow at the toe box. This style is hand crafted using high quality ivory white satin fabric and comes with...
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    How do you know that he is the ONE (to marry)?

    @jgkc18 you're welcome. thanks! Perhaps you might wanna try writing a letter? Not sure if it will work but that's what I did because I knew he couldn't really listen if we talked about it face to face. So I wrote everything down while he read it in front of me ( of course I wrote stuff like...
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    How do you know that he is the ONE (to marry)?

    hi @jgkc18 , sorry to hear that your problems are affecting your relationship. Personally for me, I've had problems too and they are usually about the same issues. I'm usually non confrontational but because the relationship matters to me and I want it to work so bad, even if it's difficult, i...
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    JP Tan Yan Boon

    can i have JP Tan Yan Boon's contact too? thanks!
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    (2016) 2016 brides

    oh i read about the 3 years one somewhere in the forum. yep hopefully htb will understand that we need to book the venue more than a year in advance. Thanks @tequila07!
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    (2016) 2016 brides

    Hi everyone! Planning to have my AD in 2016 too. Preferably May. However, the tong shu dates won't be out till next year and my HTB wants to pick a date using both bazi and tong shu. Since Tong shu out only second half next year, do you guys think it'll be too late to book a venue by then? sighhh
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    DIY Wedding Preparation - So much fun and So much to share!

    hi can anyone share with me seamstress kim's contact as well? my email is [email protected] thanks!
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    Selling 3 brand new gowns

    Hi dear, sorry its sold already :)
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    Solemnization and buffet dinner for 120pax.

    Hi, you might wanna check out Ramada Singapore? Their zhongshan room can fit up to 120 people I think. and it looks nice!