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    Tarots cards readings

    I've been to Auntie Irene before, and i must say she is very accurate.
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    Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge

    Hi Kook_car, How and where can i get CD now? Can i choose the flavours?
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi ladies, my coordinator used to be April but she has left Carlton. I wasn't assigned a new corrdinator and now i have a hard time trying to get any of the corrdinator to confirm on the food tasting timing. Any brides to be out there facing the same plight as me?
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    Anyone has the song 'Grow old with me'

    Hi All, i've been looking for the soundtrack in many of the music stores but all sold out. Am thinking of using it for my montage. Can you send it to me too pls? [email protected] Many thanks~
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    Solemnization hold together with Banquet

    Hi Mikiko, Did you wait for all your guest to arrive before you start ur solemnization? I'm thinking of having mine after the 1st march in, but im afraid that we will be distracted by late comers, people chatting in the background etc.
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    Mt Faber Safra Club Pioneer Spring

    Hi Blur Sotong, I'm surprise that you actually deal with Sue. From what I understand, she is the Corp Secretary, not the Banquet Sales. Kenny is the one. All I can say is i have a very very bad experience with them. I've cancelled my booking with them. I hope your wedding had turned out...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi ladies, so those whose coordinator is Apxxl, everything went smoothly during the banquet? Did most of you choose the Oriental theme? I'm doing a luncheon and am worried that the Oriental theme might be too red...I'm now thinking of getting the other theme (the white one). And comments on that?
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi all, The coordinator I'm assigned to is Apxxl. She seem nice to talk to and work with when we meet up but I agree with some of the past postings here that her follow-ups are really bad. Most of the time i have to call her up to set up appointments, and she nv respond to missed calls and...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Serene, Can you send me the link as well? [email protected] Hi Chibi, Lunch is cheaper, below $600 per table. But of couse the menu and perks are not as good as dinner. So we might be topping up to change some of the items.
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi ladies, I'm thinking of signing up with Carlton for my Sunday lunch banquet. I have about 25 tables and will be using the Empress ballroom. Unfortunately, we are not able to view the ballroom with the actual decor and setting for a banquet (there is actually a wedding banquet this weekend...