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    WTS: Bqueens AD Bridal package

    Hi! can you pm the price please?
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    SKAI suites @ fairmount help pls

    Hi there! I had went for the viewing but the place didnt fit the theme i want. hence, i had secured another place. I would say that the view is fabulous there! Who is the wedding coordinator assigned to you? I can share the contact of the wedding coordinator whom I contacted for the viewing...
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    WTB: Photobooth Package

    Hi there! We are looking for photobooth package for next year end. Please let me know if you are planning to sell yours! (:
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    Recommended JOP in Singapore

    Hello! Able to share his contact details?
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    WTS: Well-known bridal gown/suit package (CHEAP)

    Hello! Able to share more details?
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    Selling Bridal Package (less than $1K)

    Hello!can pm me the details?
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    WTB: Wedding Package (Feb - May 2021)

    Hello, able to share more details?
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    WTS 2021 Mandrain Orchard banquet package

    Hello! Able to share more details?
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    2021 brides - how is your prep?

    Oh! That cafe has lovely ambience! Have you tried the rabbit hole? We are considering there. By the way, I saw that you are looking for solemnisation dress. Try looking some from ASOS. I’m not getting gowns as they are too much for me. Hence, I’m planning to get something dressy from ASOS as...
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    2021 brides - how is your prep?

    It would be ideal to start shortlisting now as couples who intended to tie knots this year may have postponed their dates to next year. Hence, it’s best to secure them soonest! Hahah! However, I do met a few where they shared that their rates are not out for 2021 Q4 though.
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    2021 brides - how is your prep?

    We do have a specific photographer and MUA in mind. However, the photographer we wanted did not reply us when we had dropped them email and WhatsApp text. =( I am not working now, hence, I am free to do all the planning now. I’m helping my friends too! Hahah!
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    looking for advice on split wedding arrangements

    Hey! We did consider that. But there will be additional charges for services for photographers and videographer. Also, the hotel side will charge extra for solemnisation done on separate days.
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    2021 brides - how is your prep?

    Hello ladies! Mine is also 2021 Q4. Seems like all are looking at the same period. I had secured Photographers and make up artists for now. As for the hotels, still waiting for the ones I like to open for viewing.
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    Open to suggestions for Wedding Planners

    My friend had previously engaged them for their wedding planning and Cheryl (the wedding planner) made it a breeze for them. My friend and her spouse just need to share what they want and budget, they will shortlist and liaise with the vendors of my friend’s choice on the viewing. It save a lot...
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    Open to suggestions for Wedding Planners

    You may wish to consider The Wedding Concepteur. I was about to engage their service before the Covid happened. Since I have a lot of free time on hand, I had decided to plan my wedding by myself. Before approaching them, perhaps you want to work out a rough Budget first. So they could better...