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    Looking for AD bridal make-up and hair styling for bride and mum(s)/bridesmaid

    I recommend Dana Chang. She did my makeup for my AD and I loved it. She's also very good with hair styling and have lots of accessories to loan. My mum and MIL were transformed by her too! Highly recommended!
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    Lushfolio Photography

    Thumbs up for your good works on our wedding photos. We especially loved it that you had captured the many expressions and the unforgetable moments that might be lost to others. Highly recommended and keep up the good work!
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    Vera Wang

    Hi cherub rock, I'm interested in your gown. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks.
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    Qualifications prospect

    I am not discouraging a change of job. People can change their jobs, and when they so choose, the partner ought to be supportive. I am also not saying that going into sales where it exposes the person to "extreme danger" would mean the person would stray. But I do know that some ladies are...
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    Qualifications prospect

    Between a local dip or private degree, I would say go for the private degree. It's quite short sighted to want to get the local dip so that he could be on par with the new dip holders as it is, after all, still a diploma. You might want to remind him that all the local dip holders are now...
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    Dun go to Zen Beauty at Whitesand. Their service sucks! I'm a v displeased customer! They totally forgot abt my appt n told me to wait for 1 hr or come back another day! Packages r also so damn ex but kenna stuck cuz they xian zhan hou zhou! Dun get cheated by them!!
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    My bf's daugther........

    U r just looking for someone to support u n not tell u that ur mentality is wrong.. I just pictured this scenerio: son: mum, who's that girl staying at grandma's house mother: oh, that's ur dad's daughter son: so that means she's my sister. Y aren't she staying w us then? Mother: cuz...
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    My boy friend pays alimony to his ex wife

    Why r u so emo over pple u dun even know? Get a hold of urself. What they r saying is that whether or not she deserves the alimony or if the amount is too substantial, this is not something within ur control, so no point questioning it. U chose a divorcee, this is the baggage he carries...
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    Lost, Need Advice

    "she's either going thru self-awareness or guilt now. else she would not avoid u." Powder, totally agree with you on this.
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    Lost, Need Advice

    Wah lau, Powder, you say until we girls r like some weird creatures... But hor, a lot of wat you've written is quite true leh... hahahah... Girls will usually start off on the soft tone; inferring that the problem is something less serious... cuz we are somewhat "trained" to comfort first...
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    Lost, Need Advice

    "Job yes. Other than this everything is the same. Nothing went wrong with our relationship its the same as before." Hmm... U've mentioned in ur 1st post tt she still has feelings for u but not as much as before... R u kidding urself???
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    Lost, Need Advice

    That's a clue then. She could b overtly stressed up in her new job n would prefer everything else to b status quo so that she could concentrate on fitting in. Does she share everything w u? If she does, then there could only b that ONE thing that she's keeping to herself resulting in her not...
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    Lost, Need Advice

    Was there any change in her life in the last year? Job? New friends? New hobbies? These would show u some signs...
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    Dating while separated

    Hmm.. Any reason why you dun wan to sign it? If u just dun feel like doing it then dun have tob bothered by him.
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    Very confused... Duno wat shd i do.....

    I dun get it... Confused, you are really not confused... You know you are Ready to leave your husband, and you have came out with thousands and one reasons to do so, and you have gotten lots of support for that... So what's holding you back?