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    Acne problem

    Hi thanks for sharing. Due to wearing face mask for long hours I would have 1 or 2 small pimples around my cheeks due to skin sensitiveness. Now I no longer having small pimples after I changed surgical mask to normal mask. I think surgical mark is not suitable for me. I don't go out for...
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    Acne problem

    Hi you can try applying ICM Acne Clear. I bought several tubes from Watsons and it helps to clear my acne very quickly. I have very sensitive skin since young. I rarely have any acne since until I start wearing mask for several hours. I tend to have one or two acne around my cheeks at...
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    Hb and porn, pls advice

    Hi lady, how are you getting on with your hubby? Nowadays porn videos are easily accessed from the internet. Some people enjoy watching porn to release stress or just to satisfy their desire or out of curiosity. I believe there are some newly-wed watching porn together. When we are younger we...