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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    The only reason that he ghosted on you was he’s not interested. I wouldn’t mind though, it means that we won’t be wasting time on each other. Just move on, there will be greener pasture out there.
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    Relationship and sex

    You don’t sound like an easy person to get along with, not an ideal bf. The only way is get an docile foreign lady as an full time housewife to fullfill all your requirements. Otherwise i don’t seem why someone who’s capable of their own keep want to choose you. You have no time, with weird...
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    Cutting ties with children from previous marriage?

    She might as well put u into a cage and catered only for her own pleasure, sound so ridiculous.
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    Reasonable amount of Maintenance / Alimony?

    Sorry to hear about that :( she definitely doesn’t deserve you.
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    Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice

    Hey man I just tread upon this thread, you seriously sound like the ex husband of this Cath Rina woman who is still feeling very sore after the divorce and pissed with the women’s charter. Move on yea .... life still goes on ... pursue your own happiness
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    So Sad.. I've Failed my TP Driving Test..

    ya blind spot is v impt especially to look out for motorcyclist when u cant see them at the side mirror.
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    Gathering for 30s

    haha,dun be biased lah,25yo welcome to join us.we can share our experience with u too,keke
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    Gathering for 30s

    ok then.....let's start from here 1) Celine 2) sane
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    Gathering for 30s

    count me in for a chill up session too
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    ROM vs Traditional Wedding..

    Roft, he cooked porridge for me and even now (years later) whenever i think of it, I felt like puking leh.. U must have inherit your cooking talent from your dad!
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    ROM vs Traditional Wedding..

    Lya,that is definitely a very lovely hotel! Counting down to the grand day!! Roft, wow I rarely know a guy who can cook. My hb can cook but it's barely edible :p
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    ROM vs Traditional Wedding..

    Lya, looking foward to see your lovely pic! Enjoy your big day! Gong xi Gong xi! Roft, anti sheng siong ar...The smaller stores at Blk 122 and 233 are very crampy and not too comfy to shop. Perhaps you might like to visit the bigger store at Serangoon North? I think they took over a 3 storey...
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    ROM vs Traditional Wedding..

    I used to get the economical Ntuc diapers for her day use..No wonder I always find Ang Mo items even cheaper than Sheng Shiong. I am staying at blk 100+ AMK Ave 3, lucky you, already completed updrading. My nightmare had started since 2008 till now. Worse still I have been confided at home due...
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    ROM vs Traditional Wedding..

    Heehee, we went to Korea. Are you planning for a holiday?
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    ROM vs Traditional Wedding..

    Roft, I have been staying in AMK since 9yo!~ My parents hse, parents in law and my own house are in AMK! All walking distance with each other and I am staying in AMK Ave 3 now undergoing upgrading, it's so dusty with little privacy with upgrading work all over the place. Are you staying near...