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    Husband cheated on me twice...

    Hi Audrina, It will be my first time attending it. And my Husband is also willing to attend. Firstly, you would have to register online for couple attendance. Unfortunately, kids cannot be present as it is a marriage for troubled marriage couples to work on their problems and hopefully resolve...
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    Devastated and Lost

    Hi Rip_Curl, Glad to read that you have moved on in grace. Make the rest of your life - the best of your life. Every day now is an opportunity :)
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    Sad and depressed

    Hi, PaPaTan, I came to read about your problems today. I hope you have calm down better over the days. May I encourage you to explore Retrouvaille. It is a lifeline to save your marriage in all ways that it is worthwhile. For yourself, for Her and for the children. Stay Strong. You got this :)
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    Husband cheated on me twice...

    Hi Audrina, Women are like tea bags.. they don't know how strong we will be until we land ourselves in hot water. Everything will be fine as time flies. Because, as time pass, you tend not to remember so many things and put things down. It will happen as much - as you don't see it now. Have...