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    Problem sleeping with hubby snoring

    My hubby snores and I’m experiencing the same sleepless nights as well. Went to ENT and enroll for sleep study. Anyone know what to expect?
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    1 or 3 yr mourning after dad passed away? For ROM.

    Thanks for your reply. We will have a few photos as well though won’t be as much. Just to show a part of out lives.
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    Engagement ring advice: Should I go for size or quality?

    It all comes down to your individual preference. If you’re blown away by a specific stone, then it must be it. When it comes to diamond with a specified budget, decide which C you can let go. All the best with your engagement ring
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    1 or 3 yr mourning after dad passed away? For ROM.

    Hello, it may not be exact thread, but i am marrying a Malaysian Chinese who’s hokkien. His mom passed away 2 months ago and we’re having our wedding this month. Since it’s within 3 months so it’s fine timewise. but my question is, is it not allowed culturally to display deceased parents...