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    Wife cheated on me...

    Chase her out of the house. Ask her to stay with her bf. Go back being a single again. Is not that bad. Haha
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    Wife cheated on me...

    Hey man. . I'm sorry to hear it. How old are you guys? I guess there's not much point salvaging isn't it.
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    I can't take it anymore. Please save me.

    Your bf seems like a typical jerk. Someone who得到手了就改变了。I think u should leave him. N the fb account adding pretty girls thing. He's out for flings n one night stands.
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    Asking proposal ring back after breakup?

    Lol. Such a lame excuse. If she's my gf, I would pay her to leave me
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    Marrying a work permit holder

    Hi Valerie. Just ahead apply to mom first. Because if u really do want to marry him. The end result will be u still need to apply to mom for permission. MOM will access on a case by case basis.
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    Asking proposal ring back after breakup?

    6k proposal ring is nothing. Compared to the rest of your life ruined by her. Happy for you bro.
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    What should I do?

    Man such a messy situation dilemmalove. If I'm your husband I would send her back to Philippines n maybe divorce you. You are seriously being mind f by your so called bf. Get it off this mess before something terrible happens. Sounds like this will end up in a terrible crime of passion sorta case
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    what is the worst thing that can happen to you?

    Tarnish reputation at work place I presume... well we can't really offer any opinions if u give us nothing.
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    Married but....

    Well admiration is ok I guess no need feel guilty cos you really didnt do anything wrong. Sometimes is natural that we look up to someone who is capable etc. But admiration is admiration only. Cannot step over the line. Like guys looking at the lady walking pass in that tight dress. Is also...
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    Married but....

    Hmm. . How old are you now? Well I think you shouldn't do anything to let your boss have the wrong idea. Because frankly speaking if there are any temptations your boss may actually give in to these temptations. But end of day you end up hurting yourself (family life and work life affected) cos...
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    Married but....

    Hi confusedwife. Maybe is because your boss exudes the confidence and maturity when working that attracts you to him or because that you are attracted to powerful men. I think your husband would also exude the same confidence at his workplace. How would u feel if he also attracts ladies at his...
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    Taking upskirt photos

    Hi qwertypie, no evidence no need go make police report. Police won't do anything. The wise thing to do now is don't hang out with that creep. Jess.... ta king advantage of his friends! For all you may know he m may have a pin hole video cam somewhere.
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    what should i do? honey mood period over..

    Hmmm. Isn't a relationship more than sexual activities? Porn for guys to watch is very normal. I think u can take a break from him first. If u don't feel yourself missing him.. or wanting him. I think u should move on. Anyway, from guys point if view keeping condoms in wallet or car normally...
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    Married but....

    Isnt this lust and taking a bite of the forbidden fruit? N for gods sake no. Don't tell your husband that u find him attractive
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    Need advice on summon

    Hi Lynn have you solved this?