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    Taiwan F&E

    hey folks, am going taipei mid aug.. any1 can tell me wat is a good budget hotel in gd location...less than S$50/night that has local tours agency... email me at [email protected] tks
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    Taiwan F&E

    hey i intend to go taiwan 7 days mid aug. any1 can share wif me your budget iternary? email me at [email protected] tks folks
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    Why is he scared to commit?

    vivi la e life.. porque yo vale la pena...because we are worth it.. e things you love when u r single... we do not have many months of youth to waste... wats heartbroken...already gone...1 door close..another door open. we are born to be pampered not to be heartbroken..
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    Be happy always, love yourself

    lynette: pamper yourself to go for spa..pedi mani..laugh out laugh.....go travel and mix wif positive friends
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    Attire for First Interview - SIA Stewardess

    paiseh kahlen..its esp the mole.. pain nails.......ahahha after you all fixed these 'scary' citerias.. my frend also worried to go try liao.. scare paiseh.. waste time
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    Attire for First Interview - SIA Stewardess

    hahah espt he mole on the face with hair sticking out wat a sight..
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    Attire for First Interview - SIA Stewardess

    good complexion means no mole no heads on the hand? light scar but not visible acceptable r not?
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    Attire for First Interview - SIA Stewardess

    hahaha...not my frend ah tats true.. so long as slim slim...doesnt matter whether face got pimples r not hor...can still cover up with make up
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    Attire for First Interview - SIA Stewardess

    wowowo.their citeria so strict one huh.. consider too fat for them? hahahhahaha
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    Attire for First Interview - SIA Stewardess

    my frend applying for tat too whats the citeria they are looking for? for a ht 1.6m....does the citeria to go in must be very <50kg..average can like 50-58kg?
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    can check with u all, are there lots of local tours to be booked there in hanoi?cheap n good? and wat are the budget hotels that can be recommended?
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    Shortest way to lose weight

    y must be women always e one trying to lose fats and look good?so that to be more desirable and chased by men.. y didnt i see men doing that too y women always have to suffer...
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    hi, back frm pp and sr... feel sour when see kids sleeping on e streets at night..we are blessed to meet good tuk tuk drivers in sr and pp those going pp...can find this tuk tuk guy hes a honest family guy.wanting to earn a humble living feeding his 2 kids n wife..he has a small ricefield...
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    A place to meet new friends / partners

    hi folks, you guys coming for the lasi nomak..for supper.. remember to jio me...i stay near there..can organise a outing together :p
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    Ladies Out There (New thread) Here to Share

    so what are you gals do after work? everyday? share eh.. sometimes after wk i dun noe do wat. everyday exercise also sian.. got class attend class.. ask few time friends not go out.also sian liao