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    Any good cleanser?

    hi all, I'm a nu skin user all this while. soemone recommended a facial product name sense to me recently and the products cost really affordable,like cleanser its only $35,scrub $33,mask $39.i would say its really a very good facial product i ever use and she herself always spent on...
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    can consider twister in tampines,recommended by someone i bought the slimming product fr. its cheap and nice haircut
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    Anti Cervical Cancer drug !! Good or bad ??

    yes,alot of good supplements in the market,can consider taking perhaps it will help to prevent.
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    How to find out husband having affairs?

    how to find out ?i watched a movie previously on how to track whether your hubby having affairs. just sew on of his socks with so tiny thread to do some remark,honestly speacking if he's working ,normally guy dont remove their socks, make sure he wr back the same socks at the right leg,if he...
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    Fortune Teller

    anyone heard of bene,recommended by someone on the forum,i boought the slimming product from her and happen to talk about fortune teller, he's very accurate,till she didnt dare to go back and consult him anymore,
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    Married for 2 years but now unhappy

    that's marriage life i would sey,once u are use to it,u will be alright,cause i believe woman needs alot of attention,so kinda of like neglected in this way and they dont give as much attention to us anymore,anyway that;s life. just be happy that he dun stray and doing something silly...
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    Tempted to have affair

    i cm across a married couple - who both agreed toeach other to have fling outside,sleeping with another man/woman but they are both still couple staying under the same roof.weird...
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    Tarots cards readings

    just read another article about life short,why we wanna stir up and make everyone unhappy.lets live peacefully and happily.
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    Life is so short short so learn not to tk things so hard,enjoy our life while we can.
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    Vagina Odours

    pls see a doctor is a gugus infection,if u dun go to the gynae soon,then will be serious. u just need to insert a tablet into yr vaginal will do,and some medication.
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    pls pls pls...dum away tis man,even though u forgive him,for the rest of your life u will be suffering,internally yr heart wont feel good being with and yr life will be miserable. being suspiscious with someone u love its the most painful thing.being a couple we should be feeling relax and...
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    Anyone considering Botox to contour face?

    i heard botox will paralysed your muscle so too much of botox will make u look very fake.
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    Meiji Amino Collagen

    i'm also allergic to the fine oak pill from gnc, can someone advice me what happen?