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    Silhouette the Atelier

    Hey ladies, I'm a Bride from The Aisle. I have been looking out at gowns from Sil and wedding present, I really like those tulle gowns too!! However..I was comparing around and their prices are more steep. I found TA, visited them, signed up with them because they have gowns that are amazing...
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    Any Recommended Bridal Shops

    Hey kerin, really impulsive buy oh..
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    Tarots cards readings

    I"ll like a tarot card reader for my hen party? anyone know how much they charge hourly?
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    Accommodation in Krabi

    Me and my husband are super Nua people, any recommendations for luxurious resorts in krabi
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    Thematic Wedding?

    I love the airline creative. I think if we can't fulfill our dream of a thematic wedding, it can always been done at the before wedding party. maybe days before the banquet, taking 2k out to do a real good theme party will be very good. Esp when you get to choose the closer...
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    Any good foundation for skin prone to breakout?

    My favourite is still RMK liquid foundation! I heard they'll be opening a counter in Singapore again in 2008. For the past years, I've been getting them from Taipei... I prefer to look natural with makeup so I've stopped using cream or powder foundations for years. RMK gives sufficient...
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    Any good sunblock to recommend?

    I like Sunkiller sunblock too. It's completely non-oily nor sticky! I used to buy from my dermatologist at a cheaper price when it wasn't sold at Watsons/Guardian. But I later stock up during my Japan trip last year. I've been using it for years now and though I've changed dermatologist, I still...
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    Any gd doc or product for recommendation on hair loss and hair growth

    paragon has a hair specialist counter selling very good hair products, my friend's bf is using it, don't remember the name but i think it's the only counter that sells hair product
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    All about rebonding

    i was told not to rebond hair before wedding. is it true?
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    Bridesmaid ~ must she be single?

    I think it's fine as long as it's a close friend
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    Advice on Teadress

    that's realy nicE!!!!
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    any suggestions on very big big arms?
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    Any big-sized brides with good boutiques to recommend?

    do they do big size bridesmaid's gowns?
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    Any Recommended Bridal Shops

    wah not bad!!!!!