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    Where to have wedding dress alteration?

    Hi, can i have the Chinatown alteration contact too? Thanks
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    Wedding affected @ Marina Mandarin Renovation

    May i know when is ur event? Mine is Mar 2020 & my coordinator said not affected
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    WTB Wedding Lunch Mar 2020

    Hi, If you have any package to sell for lunch for below please whatsapp me at 83882927 Date: 28 Mar 2020 (lunch) Number of pax: 150-200 Thank you
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    Private rooms in restaurants?

    Can try Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin Hotel
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    Any Korean theme pre-wedding bridal shop to recommend?

    The makeup artist and photographer are korean. They have like 20-25 backgrounds in their studio. So we did all the photos conveniently in studio. I’m not sure about the service at other studios but before our actual photoshoot day they’ll create whatsapp group to include the crew members to...
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    Any Korean theme pre-wedding bridal shop to recommend?

    I did mine at Korean Artiz Studio. Everything is Korean haha
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    Venue for ROM

    Hi xiaomei06, will pm u later
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    WTS Wedding Lunch at Mandarin Oriental 2019

    Hi, can PM me the details too? Thanks!
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    Venue for ROM

    Hi hazel1907, will PM u
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    Venue for ROM

    Hi all, just want to update, in the end I had my ROM & lunch at Peach Blossoms Marina Mandarin Hotel for 27pax.
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    BTB in 2020

    Most likely will have on Mar 2020 [emoji5]