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    His intention?

    Have you done any reflection on yourself? What have you done to make him so pissed off? You hve to go to the root of the problem before you can do anything.
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    Is it worth it?

    Patty , ask yourself. DO you want to be like this for the rest of your life? Angry, feel betrayed for the rest of your days. You can have better choice isnt' it?
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    Husband drinks & stays out late - Does yours?

    HI lavendoroil, yes, my hubby was like yours a few years back, I often waited for him to come home or call him on his mobile. His reason was the same as your hubby, as we were in our late twenties then and he need to strengthen his networking. I voiced out to him my worries and concern. You...
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    I am a crazy wife

    HI Gal, if you are a crazy wife, that makes me no.2. I used to check my hubby sms message too. And i finally am tired of it. What can you do if you found something? Divorce him? It will only make yourself feel worst. He is just a man. As long as you did not catch him cheating, i feel every...
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    Any big sized girl? How do you handle when people say u are big sized?

    Its your life, love yourself. LOve yourself and don waste time on these comments. Why bother with their comments? Sometimes the pot is calling the kettle black, sometimes you have what the other ppl is longing for, so don bother. Make the best of what you have.
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    Can I sue him for rape ?

    HI Ashamed, have you gone for the test?? DOn think anymore. Get an answer and ease your mind. What has Happen had heppened and you cannot turn back the clock. If you really feel so relutant to go to the police. Then start a new chapter ahead. If one day you see news of gals being treated the...
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    Any recommmended salon to straighten hair?

    HI Liping, where is this home based salon located?
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    Sex between 2

    Have you tried to take the initiative? To be more wild in bed?
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    Husband still missing ex gf

    HI Ariel, thanks! As least your BF still shows it to you, but for me, it is done behind my back. Well, don worry, I have decided to take it as an ' individual ' case. But I realised that he tends to delete his browsing history now, so I am actually unable to track anymore..
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    The Other Party

    Agree with Thomas, stop lying to yourself. He don love you, don ever think that he wll leave his wife for you. He will not get married in the first place if he is true to you. Stop living in your illusion and go face the outside world, don be dragged behind bcos of your past. Guys who really...
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    First night.....

    It will really spolit his mood if you keep thinking abt this and thus will just spolit the whole atmosphere. There are a lot of womens with small boobs and still happily married, don worry!
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    What if your immed boss is such a person...

    Never share yr secrets etc with your colleagues, esp yr superior, you never know when you will be betrayed..
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    What if your immed boss is such a person...

    boss are like that , can be very helpful / motherly infront of you, but say alot of nasty things behind yr back, trust me, my boss is like that too. time will tell the truth, don bother with her. Just do your part. LIke what Denise80 says, this is not a classroom, ppl like these are eveywhere...
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    Husband still missing ex gf

    Hi thanks for all the advice. Just that at that moment, just let my thoughts run wild. I know i can trust my hubby. After all the advice, really think i have been over reacting. )
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    Husband still missing ex gf

    Hmm.. it is not that they cant meet up, just that if things are done behind your back... that is not a pleasant experience.. Nevertheless, i do agree that ex bf/gf can still be friends, only that we don cross the line or harbour impractical thinkings..