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    Need to show proof for separation before filing for divorce?

    Thank verysadguy. We all along have be staying in separately as we have not get the house yet. The address in our IC can prove it. Does this count? So not necessary need to file for deed of separation right? Bcos I know he wont sign. He demanding things from me but cant be bothered to hire a...
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    Need to show proof for separation before filing for divorce?

    Anyone here has encounter such issues before? Pls help! Im having problems with my spouse. We are already living separately but he refuse to sign the annulment papers (we married for less than 3 yrs). Understand that with 4 years of separation, I can file for divorce without consent but do I...
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    No Bridesmaid aka Jiemei

    My fren use her sis as her "jie mei" as well. ;)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    I have a few more things on urgent list ><~ Due to 7th month, my invite cards has not send out yet. My wedding album not yet received. Photo montage do half way. Pre wed video still waiting for vendor to amend the 1st draft ><!
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    HOW long before ROM must we get our JP?

    Best is about 3 months before ur ROM. If your getting those popular ones you maybe want to book them 6mths before ur ROM.
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    Faber Peak Singapore (Formerly The Jewel Box)

    Hi! After reading your comment. Im abit worry because I will be holding my AD there and its a dinner. Can I ask you a few things? 1) Who is your event sales manager? 2) Which ballroom you took? You go for the western food ya?
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Averagely how much does the gown there cost like? Wanna go take a look,
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Try getting those jars from ikea instead. Most are $10 and below.
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Wah all of this items, I have not done yet >_<! 3 more months dont know still have enough time.
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    Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La

    Attended a dinner there. Dont really like Traders Hotel. The service staff abit slow. I think that day they lack of waiters.
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    Outdoors wedding

    You can consider mount faber jewel box (saphhire) ;)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Sorry I didnt check back the forum. Haha! I just replied you! =)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    I have already choose the wedding favour. I think about 1-2 mth before the actual date have to start doing the invite cards
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    If you like personalisation, you can look up to taobao or esty ;)
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    I read alot forums alot BTB mentioned cant get him as well. Not sure if he is still doing. I have decided to go for other JP.