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    Certificate of Final Judgement

    8 yrs ago for mine case, I received the certified copy thru mails. U need the original copy because for any reason, i.e ur company HR (if u already declare marriage to company) and ur future marriage, u need it. Do note that ROM will only registered ur marriage and the record is craved on...
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    Forgive or not forgive?

    Circumstances and time is not a reason not to move on. With in 3 yrs if u can proven him to be unfaithful or he is happy to be single again, there is something call annulment... Give 3 yrs of separation and be single is better than dragging Ur entire life in this marriage but yet single...
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    He visited prostitutes but still proposed to me

    Jam123.. We can all give u advise but it's all depend on Ur choice, if u choose to forgive, forgive totally and delete what have happen. If u have doubts that he will betray u again that only means that the trust is broken and u will never forgive him for what he have done. It's easy to find...
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    for the sake of my son and my parents

    We can be tempted by a content life, a comfortable situation and something that work just fine, but how many of us are able to risk giving up that because we are not the kind of happy we want and deserve to be? How many of us settle into something that's good for fear of giving it up, just in...
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    Do you throw away things given by your ex after your breakup?

    If u think it's ok than keep. If u current bf mind than donate/throw/sell, if it create sadness than throw. There is no should or shouldn't. It's just an item. Shouldn't let it effect Ur current life. :)
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    what should i do ? i feel helpless.. can anybody give me advice?

    When there isn't any trust in a relationships it just won't work. No matter how much u try.. everything he do will give u the benefit of doubts. Every calls he made u will suspect something. Every time he is away. U will start to wonder whr he goes, what he is doing and who he is with. Even he...
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    cancellation of wedding penalties etc

    The penalty is by law and both of u signed. If u get her to pay for 50 50.. than she would said she is not the one who wants to cancel it.. it is u who ask for it... so the best thing is... sell the package to someone else or go thru it without signing the dotted line... well... If she knows Ur...
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    I think some just like to use divorce/breakup like the singlish we use with all the ending... The la and the leh... sometime they don't mean it, but to make u realise she/ he is not happy and thg would scare u...and thg u would show her more TLC. . Ya.. childish I know. .. well.. everyone loves...
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    Asking proposal ring back after breakup?

    There is definately something about her that u liked and loved that makes u do all those to her... staying with in laws is difficult and I guess she know her own temper. But I didn't said what she do is wrong.. but if she said she is poor and no money... why insist on the marriage? like many...
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    Annulment can be made if it's fulfilling all the reasons for annulment. It can be a marriage of 2 yrs as long as u can proof that 2 of u are not staying together
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    Little wonder. U dun need a good lawyer to do annulment, u just need money and accept those bullshit reasons. Yeos associate is good enuf to do all those paper work. Unless u are claiming something from the other party. I rather u make a divorce instead if money and kids are involve...
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    Need Serious Advice, in a direction seeming wrong but feels too right

    U need to believe the weird feelings u have. From what u said. U dun even trust that guy X at all. The way u feel for him is a re bounce. U needed the care and attention that u didn't get from Ur ex. The hurt and sadness u felt suddenly have someone u can hold on to makes u weak. He is not...
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    Wife having extramartial affair.

    Unfaithful and shameless people doesn't come be cos he or she... it happen to bother ladies and men... just as a guy it happen that the lady of her betrayed them and as a lady,.. it is the guy that betray them. It require both party to commit and stay faithful. But if one cannot keep it that...
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    how to close joint savings account

    Is the joint acct both to sign or either 1? I would suggest if either 1, apply an at card, withdraw the money to min. Once Ur acct didn't hit the average balance there will b fee charge, once acct is zero, the acct shd be close by itself. However, it depend on which bank u have, some offshore...