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    Gynea Recommendation?

    Dr Regina Zuzarte-Ng at Clementi is great. She's very kind :)
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    RA doctor / rheumatologist ???

    Anyone know of a good RA doctor? My dad's looking for one cause of joint and back pains. I only know of Dr *************** at Gleneagles (an officemate recommended him). I'm still thinking whether between private or public though.
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    Nose fillers

    True! And maybe, do a background check on your plastic surgeon before heading with the procedure. I've done rhinoplasty myself and so far so good! I really really love the shape of my nose now! :)
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    Nose fillers

    Dr Colin Tham! He's a good plastic surgeon. A lot of my friends who want to achieve this korean-looking nose went to him and as far as we can see, he did a stellar job on them. He's pretty nice as well. Go check him out! :):)
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    Botox Anyone?

    This is true about her! She's very warm and you'll really feel secured. By the way, I think they changed their clinic name to Cove Aesthetic Clinic. Check them out!