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    Sell> Blank wedding guest book and invitation cards

    For sale: 1/Blank Wedding guest book, cream colour with ribbon bow, ~21x23cm $10 2/Blank (no printing no inserts) cream colour 3fold Wedding invitation cards with floral emboss, with envelopes, card size ~15X15cm, approximately 110pcs (cards) & 140 (envelopes) $60 take all price $60, deal at...
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    Advice: Ampoules for Make Up

    recently i encounter this MUA who uses makeup base instead of ampoules for actual day. any concerns shld i note? not sure if it is ok
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    (2012) 2012 Brides to be

    hihi.. just want to ask how you guys manage to finance an actual day wedding? what i know is banquet by credit card, then count angbao then pay back. anyone experience if angbao not enough cover? The rest needs alot cash for deposit n final payment right?
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    Love & Co. Wedding Bands

    im eyeing on one of the ring from LVC but price out of our budget.. but so far other shops design nothing catch my eye, similar design was like high price difference, but there is still something missing(6th sense). was wondering if LVC bands are higher price cos the bands are thicker as...
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    i did mine at tpy central, just beside the EC house. went there for threading/eyebrow shaping then i asked the lady about the mole removal. but need to becarful, one of the lady quite inexperience zzzz.. the 2nd time i went back to zap one bigger mole again, she didnt put the anesthetic lotion...
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    Hi anyone have experience at Chijmes Hall for solemnisation? the package seem alittle pricy but i like the atmosphere there
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    Most comfortable shoes

    my fren introduce me to this glide lubricant on the areas where will be tend to get blisters. very good, once the wax is gone, just reapply. works best before the blister occur. can buy from watsons. it comes like those deodourant bottle with screw up one, purple+gray colour bottle. and not very ex
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    Wedding Bands - Titanium Rings?

    anyone have experience from this SG titanium store?