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    Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

    hi linslarry, i had the same worry at first, but actually *****************'s treatments can help you control appetite. quite shocking actually, i immediately felt a lot less hungry after first treatment. its hard to describe, you can feel your cravings go away.
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    New Zealand honeymoon

    Looks good!
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    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    hi Chin Leng, just curious, may I know why there isn't a function that allows us to delete / edit our posts? as it will save you a lot from trouble from attending to individual delete / edit requests. on our end (the forum users), sometimes i imagine its quite stressful to wait for undesirable...
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    Remedy for oily scalp

    works for me, that's all I can say (also quite fast, can see results in ~2 weeks)! I can't vouch for others cos I don't have any other friends going there. but but but... they will tell you honestly if they can help your condition. if they cannot help you and they know it, they will turn you...
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    I used to swear by SK2 eye cream, but once I stopped using, my eye bags started getting heavier. I think the product is a little shady, but haiz, I ignored my friends warning and continued using it for a while. Now nothing I do helps my eye bags. Hi Lyn, interested in this treatment (huge...
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    How do you bring your GF out of her inferiority complex?

    just be patient. it takes time for someone with inferiority issues to accept that they are deserving of compliments too.. it might be an issue that you have to live with forever so be ready for that.. either way, there are worse problems to have in a relationship so i hope you guys remain happy :)
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    Remedy for oily scalp

    i'ring in yishun ring road... they've been around for 20, 30 years already. oily scalp is easy fix for them, try it
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    How to slim down my chubby face?

    ***************** moved to holland village alr... i just signed up for a maintenance program because they have a promo for old customers now LOL... even though all the weight i lost with them didn't come back, i still want to lose 4kg more!! my new years resolution for 2015 :)