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    Intercontinental Singapore

    Hi Melody when your complimentary barrel of beer runs low, the banquet manager will ask if you would want to open another barrel. it will be charged to the total wedding bill after everything. Hi Eileen Honestly, I have not tried the food at Intercontinental. I've had attended a couple...
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    Amara Singapore

    Hi ladies I'm interested to hold my wedding dinner at Amara too. Can you send me the packages too? [email protected] thanks!
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    Hi ladies I'm keen in holding my wedding dinner at Intercon as well. Can someone send me the packages to take a look? [email protected] Anyway, Melody, yes, beer will have to be purchased from the hotel directly. It can be either glasses or barrel. barrel comes in 2 kinds 20litre serves...
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    Hi everyone I'm also interested in holding my wedding at Rasa Sentosa. Can I just check, is Pavilion the only ballroom available? I tot there was another ballroom called Siloso ballroom as well? Anyway, what's the new pricing like for 2009?
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    The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

    You guys got married! You guys have been together for ages right? He's the one from our poly if i recall correctly. haha. Mine is early next year. We're still in the midst of researching & deciding what we want. It's a long complicated process. Too many ideas and contributions and now...
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    The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

    Hey girls I'm looking at holding my solemnization & dinner at The Sentosa Spa too. Was looking through some of the photos and my suspicion came through!!! Viola - my secondary school & poly senior!!!! Oh My God! You're married and what a coincidence that I found you here! It's me...
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    Yishun Safra Club Imperial Garden Restaurant

    Hi ladies I'm interested in having my dinner there too but I only have about 20 tables because I'm having a separate wedding for immediate relatives & friends. Is there a minimum no. of tables we must commit? Can someone send me their menus too? [email protected] Thanks.
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    Tarots cards readings

    Hi There is a tarot card reader that I've been going to religiously. You may want to give her a try.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    His mum just spoke to me last night. And she gave me her diamond ring. Nope. She didn't buy me a diamond ring. She gave me HER diamond ring... Is this a proposal?? Sob.... Dun want lah...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    no worries. I'll make sure he does that and it'd better a mind-blowing one! hahaha.
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    Am i ROM too early?

    AGREED!!! I had a 4-year relationship where we were supposed to get married but it didn't turn out well too. My FH and I are together for less than a year too and we're getting ROM later this year. Honestly, there isn't a fixed period of time you should be together in order to get...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Hi joenbby At least yours is settled. I have nothing yet and I just simply refused to confirm anything until I see the BIG rock. Can you believe it? He has yet to propose!!! He promised me a "melt butter melt ice" proposal but I have yet to see it. All he did now was to tell his mum and his...
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    How much did you spend for ur ROM?

    oh dear.... I was telling FH to give me a budget of $5k (excluding wedding bands) to plan for the ROM ... He's gonna kill me if he ever read this thread..
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    hi purple rose Try Derrick Ong lor. He's at the photo thread. Im thinking of using him for my ROM too.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Hi joenbby Not true leh. With the latest plan, I'm taking care of the ROM in SG in Dec and he'll take care of the wedding in Melbourne. For SG customary, we've yet to discuss.. Best still is that he throw me a budget and asked me to settle everything - without any indication of the party...