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    Darwin, Australia

    Hi Och, I booked my car fm budget. There is avis/hertz/advance... at the airport. You could check it out. The car was in pretty good condition with cruz drive mode, CD player. Go with an open mind, you may perhaps enjoy the place which I did not enjoy since I made comparisons with Tas...
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    Darwin, Australia

    Hi Och, I drovve to Litchfield park. You can also drive down to Katherine & Alice Spring if you are spending more time in Aussie. I was there for just 3 full days. My initial purpose was not so much on the trip but to make my first entry upon getting aussie PR. Nevertheless, its a good...
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    Darwin, Australia

    Hi NiuNiu, I paid $285 per pax for air-ticket + taxes. Novetel & Saville & just almost next to each other, on the same stretch, exterior looks good; near to a beach which is NOT attractive at all. Looks good. We only went for the basic accommodation since only night time sleeping, so...
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    Darwin, Australia

    Hi, came back fm Darwin trip which is a great disappointment. 1. Berry Spring - close 2. Howard Spring - infested with parasites so you can't swim 3. Litchfield Park - Florence fall - remember to bring swim suits if you plan to swim, nice. Wangi fall - supposed to be very nice & could...
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    Darwin, Australia

    Seems like no one has been to Darwin. I will be going next week liao...
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    Darwin, Australia

    Hi, Anyone been to Darwin? Kindly share some travel tips like places to visit, travelling via public transport or self-drive, good food, accommodation? I will be going there first time end of Feb.
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    Hi Gan, Could you share your contact w me cos i have a colleague who is looking out for a painter for her 3-room hdb & she is looking for good rates. Email me at [email protected]
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    Anyone Migrating to Australia?

    Hi, Anyone applied for Oz PR via Skilled Migration & is required to go for IELT Test?
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    For All dog lovers

    Hi Pro kid, Though JR fur are short, no need for maintenance but they shed quite a fair bit that u definitely have to sweep the floor everyday otherwise you can "feel' it. If your sofa is grey in colour, u can see all their white furs on the sofa. I have asked the vet, its common for them to...
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    Bangkok-where to go for tailored made suits?

    Hi all, I went to Tony...the stretch of tailors opp. regent hotel, after the raiway track. Very good service & they have fittings to ensure that it fits well. Material used is also good though price is just reasonable; MUST BARGAIN, otherwise it is expensive in my opinion. Their guy pants...
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    Hi roxyz, I got my lights there; Nice modern designs. No complaints with the installation. Reasonable price too.
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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    Hi Momoko, wow... yours sounds bad. My dining table is still in very good condition & i use it frequently for dinner. I even have a dog at home, fortunately my jack russel doesn't bite it. Guess it depends on luck for everthing that we buy. The first shipment of furniture that i received...
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Hi, Just back fm my BK trip. Stayed 2 nites at Bangkok City Inn, didn't like it cos very old & aircon too noisy. Limited breakfast spread though it taste okay. The remaining 3 nites I stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Wow... lots of difference in room size & breakfast spread. I will...
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    Hi Misschindia, I m also flying via Finair. How is the service? Its my first time on this airline. Departing on 23Mar night time.
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    Hi Racherlle, I paid approx S$87.00 per night at Baiyoke Sky. Book thru' Precision... can't exactly recall leh... Hi Passerby, I forgot, also staying at Bangkok City Inn for first 2 nights as comes together w airticket. Remaining 3 nights at Baiyoke Sky, book on my own. Any idea about...