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    Advise - everynight one bottle of Tiger Beer

    drink beer the male part will not be hard and it will strink in size. please tell him about it and he'll stop immediately
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    Tarots cards readings

    everyday at 3 am 3 shuffle the card 3 times and pick the 3rd card from the top and say this word 3 times "Ali Lu ya". nothing will happens. go back to sleep. lol
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    Why do I keep thinking of ex even when I'm happy?

    Ying Ying.... memories flashed back in anytime and curiousity kills the cat. u r just curious of how is him now. you love him before and yes he's in your memories, your life, and it's hard to get rid of. just make the memories remain, and it's part of you. it's just memories, good or bad...
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    Can I revoke my cheating husband's PR status?

    Well Man are like that. For all it seems fine with me that if he wake up and return. $$$ can save and everything can patch back it's part of life and if u divorce him then by all mean but what's the point? There's up and down in relation and he cheated on you because he's a horny monster...
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    Salvage? Annulment? Divorce?

    ok since u don't love him anymore please just do an annulment to end it.
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    Should I stay or leave??

    when 2 people together too long will get bored. when 2 rich people together too long will get extremely bored. they think of having new partner. different stage of life, different people, different love, different ideas, different acceptance, different concept, different personally. lots...
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    Help!! From Mummies!!

    falling is bad for pregnant lady. should be extra careful when walking around.
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    How to coax / pamper your bf?

    1) Knee down 2)unzip his pant 3) open mouth 4) Zip back , stand up, turn around and walk off.
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    Anyone tried Ba Wang Shampoo?

    one word : GOOD cheers for you jackie
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    What should i do?

    ALBEE not do the bj thingy meh?
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    Is housing still AFFORDABLE?

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    What is the difference between contract and perm job

    Contract = for local people. those who have served N.S, got degree from University, and is paying CPF. Permanent = for foreign talent and PR.
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    ok so the story goes like this. u got 3 bf before.. that's a WOW and kana betrayed by 3 together a big WOW. so this is the 4th bf so another WoW Wow... in the end all the boy left u....why not think about yourself first. maybe u r to be alone forever. let the boys be free, you said they...
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    Depressed...Suspect Wife Cheating

    60secs. u r 60 century away from the story already. Thread Starter already said wife is seeing another guy and is in the process of divorcing already. White discharge = sperm lo. like i said she had enough sex outside so in house no need already.
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    Depressed...Suspect Wife Cheating

    well good luck bro. wife running away = loss everything.