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    Do we have to write name behind the ang pao collected during the dinner?

    Hi vivian, From my understanding this is how it works... For e.g. there are 20 tables with you taking 8 tables and FH 12 tables. Let's say your FH is giving your family 5 tables.. ALL angpows from the 8 tables your parents collect on your side they will keep. Same goes to your FH's...
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    Any Outdoor Place For PS To Recommend on AD <IMG SRC="

    For west area...think labrador is a good idea...alexandra bridge hortpark area oso quite a nice place... Here are some extra ideas...30 Places You Can Go For Photoshoot
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    Korea - F&E

    Hi diamond....we went free and easy Korea 11 days for our honeymoon...check out my blog for the updates! Free and easy is really fun cos' you are at your free will to plan where you want to visit and how long you wish to stay at a place...
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    Any remedies for pimples?

    Hi ladies... Maybe you should learn more about acne first in order to fight it!
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    Anyone know the actual location for Alexandra Park or location that have swing on tree?

    The last time I was there...didn't see the so-called swing...only took some pictures at the tyre swing beside a colonial bungalow...
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    Locations for Photoshoot

    I had my sunset PS pictures at sentosa too! Hey's a list of 30 PS venues for you to check out...
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    Wedding Rings

    Hi ladies... This is an interesting post on wedding ring..for your reading pleasure! Why we wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger
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    Gold strings for wedding invitations

    Hello lim...I bought two packs for my wedding cards but only opened one pack. One is totally brand new, unopened (144 yards). The other is used about half. If you only want the brand new one, I can let got at $3.50 with normal postage. If you want all, everything will be $5 with...
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    What Types of Wedding Rings You & Hubby Wearing?

    We have a matching pair of wedding bands. Btw, this post is quite interesting...for your reading pleasure! Why we wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger
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    Wedding Night

    Hi, Are you shy about the questions you ever want to ask for your wedding night? Get them answered in private here.
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    When do you and hubby start living together?

    Rekindle the intimacy between you and hubby with these tips!