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    Fengshui & bazi reading / Kwan yin ma lots

    I do believe in all those things. I believe that they exist for exploitation teach the naive, greedy and ignorant, in the long run, to be smarter
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    Fengshui & bazi reading / Kwan yin ma lots

    I have tried bazi reading, palmistry, zi we dou shu, consulting fengshui masters etc. I have even spent thousands of dollars to buy those ornaments to be strategically placed in certain parts of my house. Even "gong" two different types of Guan Yin statutes as a form of blessings etc. I...
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    Fortune Teller

    bubb, I have seen the red hill lay a couple of times within the last 6 months. From my experience, I would think that her accuracy is about 80%-85%.
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    Would you? please advise

    Hi Kristy, Nowadays, it is so common for people to fall into debt. You need to ask yourself the following questions... Why is this person in debt? Due to gambling? How much is he earning per month? What makes you so sure that he will be debt ridden for life? Are you prepared or willing to...
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    Dunno what to do.....

    Mis Mute, From what I read so far, I could see that, deep down inside, your husband is feeling like a failure as a man. As much as he appreciates your tact and sensitivity towards his "lack", it still cannot change the fact that you are more superior than him, in most ways, especially when it...
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    I gave up on our 3 mths of marriage

    In a nutshell, you married a man who is ball- less. Leave him
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    When Love becomes Hate

    Leave her if she doesn't change. Stop prolonging your suffering
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    Regrets after marriage..

    From the way you coined the topic " regrets after marriage", I think it is just a matter of think you become a divorcee unless professional help is sought
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    Violent abuse

    Forgive him and move on. No point seeking revenge. You will only end up hurting yourself
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    Tarots cards readings

    Who? Me? Say whatever crap and shit you want. You will change your belief on this one day. Mark my words. I was once like you.
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    Tarots cards readings

    Who? me? Doesn't mean that all fortune tellers or pyschic must be wealthy simply cos they are able to foresee the future. everyone's life path is different. They have different calling. Fortune teller or pyschic are not called to become wealthy cos they will not be called to do what they are...
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    Violent abuse

    denial, the two months will indeed be wasted if you learnt nothing from the incident. if you continue to care only for yourself and take people's kindness for granted, the cycle is likely to repeat in your next relationship. Whether two months are wasted or not, depends on you
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    What Will U Do If U Know Ur Hubby Is Having An Affair?

    if you suspect that your husband is having an affair, start asking yourself, " what did i not do to capture his heart?"
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    Violent abuse

    denial, why are you so upset that he goes around telling people about whatever is happening?
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    Will a serial cheater change

    If you want the serial cheater to change, you change. He will change