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    Do lasik for wedding

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. I'm currently considering having the operation with Dr Steve Seah as he is near my area. Has anyone had any experience with him before?
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    I used to put an exfoliant solution on my face and neck, it's from a popular brand, but I got worried because it caused my face to become itchy and have pimples. They said it was a normal side effect, afterwards the skin will peel and everything will be back to normal. After a few days, my skin...
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    Plastic surgeon

    Check out Dr Leo Kah Woon at Mount E too. I've consulted with him before, he offers a lot of plastic surgery procedures.
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    Botox Anyone?

    I went to this clinic and met the most recommended doctor for botox. As I was laying down, I am very afraid of needles by the way, I would easily faint if I see one, so I just closed my eyes. So, she belted out a mirror and said to point the things that I didn’t like in my face. She offered me...