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    Cheating Wife

    Sounds like a textbook example of a contingency man. Just like your wife, my ex wife also cheated and was extremely creative with her excuses for cheating. I was being treated as a fall back plan while she searches for her true bf. And she readily divorced when she found him taking away a lot of...
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    You have grossly misunderstood the legal landscape here if you believe that there's equal rights between men and women. The women's charter is an unfairly powerful tool that held me ransom for years while my ex wife searches for a bf while being married to me.
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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    One of my former army mate whom I bumped back into at our car group meet up was diagnosed with cancer during the 2008 financial crisis while he was expecting to lose his job which came as expected. The double blow caused him to go into depression and ghosted on a girl he liked whom he met from a...
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    Relationship and sex

    Do you want to try venturing Thai? If race is a problem to you, then you should not get into a relationship. Limit your sexual provision to the transactional type. A wife needs to be respected, she is not married to you to serve your every need without your effort to reciprocate.
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    Live or die?

    You are the aggressor and not the victim. You have ruined the lives of many but return to your old spot of feeling sorry for yourself. You deserve to lose your job and you don't deserve to be helped because a woman will always pick up your mess for you. What a loser you are.
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    I am not sure if you are scouting for the obvious answers or plain daft. She is a Singaporean woman protected to the full extent of the Women’s charter. As long as she gets a sucker to marry her, she will be protected for life unless she does something to revoke that. If a woman loves you, she...
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    Can't you see the elephant in the room?
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    Cutting ties with children from previous marriage?

    Cutting ties to ex wife is acceptable. But to your children is unacceptable. You have a responsibility towards them. Any good wife will understand that. You should cut ties with any woman who demands you cut ties with your children.
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    Your question is very valid. I was about to ask the same question too. Too many red flags and the TS seems too blinded to notice the elephant in the room.
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    I’m feeling lost and bothered by some BTO issues

    Actually a man should have the strength to walk out of his parents and start a new family. Your in laws can see the financial potential of renting their old flat at the expense of their son's sense of responsibility. Using parent's money for a flat in part or whole shows he is not ready to be a...
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    Losing Virginity

    Which one do you love more? Your virginity Your nice bf whom you want as your husband to be. If you love your virginity more, then break up with him and stop wasting both your time. You are not ready for a relationship yet. Neither are you ready for a marriage. If you love him more, then...
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    Dont know how to advice my friend...

    Yes, it seems like he's swindled into a marriage. He can get legal advise. But keep the dna report.
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    Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice

    I am not really sure about that. But I think you should consult a second opinion. I checked with 2 lawyers who advised me not to challenge the women's charter in the past. My ex wife had affairs and makes more than me. We didn't have children. Your case seems strong and you have children. So you...
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    Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice

    Scotch is another slang for scottish whisky. I'm an enthusiastic scottish whisky drinker. Appreciating good leisure drinks are one of the hobbies I started developing while caught in a toxic marriage with your kind. In fact this is true for many of my friends. Although we might not have as much...