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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Hi, appreciate if anyone could also send me a copy of the wedding package at grand shanghai? [email protected] Thanks!
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    Beauty - hydrating mask to recommend.

    ok... thks... i will check it out...
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    Beauty - hydrating mask to recommend.

    Hi Jen, I have not buy online before. Are they reliable?
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    Beauty - hydrating mask to recommend.

    I realize that all recommended products are rather expensive. I am currently using the Dainty Mask which I bought from HK. I saw Bugis selling for 5pcs for S$10. Anyone know where can I get genuine dainty masks at a cheaper price??? Thank you!
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    Hi, can someone tell me how old is prof yu??i just give him a call, he sounds very very young...
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    JP - Yeo Woon Soo

    Hi, Can also send me Mr Yeo's contact. [email protected] Thanks!
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    Solemnization by the beach

    Hi Mei, I been to Bora Bora website and looks gd. Can you let me know how much they charge? What is included? Can u send me ur pic too? Thanks! [email protected]