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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    Oh my, it's really complicated, if not all love conquers all but sometimes we really need to think and think again. You still young you can still change it. good luck!
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    Advice needed

    Yah you're right. The best place so far I know :)
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    Advice needed

    I will recommend Jade at Fullerton Hotel, staff and service are excellence.
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    Anyone been to Turkey**

    Also you can check Gaziantep, this place is famous in Turkey for its pistachios, and its amazing kebabs and the Zeugma Mosaic Museum (the world’s largest mosaic museum) are also great reasons to visit.
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    Anyone been to Turkey**

    Yah this please is very beautiful, also you can try to go to Ayas Sofa all I know that this is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and is one of the top things to visit in Istanbul, Turkey.
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    Well, I can say that try to save it, if really can't then move on. Take care always
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    What should i do to stop that lady to keep texting my husband

    Oh my God! Ask your husband to ignore that lady! that's it! If your husband is faithful enough, well he will never ignore her. But yah just stay calm.
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    Have a nice day everyone!

    Have a nice day everyone!
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    Anyone been to Turkey**

    I've been there when I was a kid with my Aunties. I can say is a nice please but not really appreaciate it so much. But better plan first before you will go. Cheers
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    Cheating Wife

    It's just like a movie, sometimes ending is not always be a happy ending! Take care