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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Hi all, I am helping a friend advertise her interests in transfer of membership at True Fitness. Unlimited access to all True fitness clubs at just a monthly fee of $46. (because she already paid for a deposit which she will absorb) She is willing to transfer her 36 months membership at...
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    Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.

    was reading the thread and saw rebecca commenting that sales need a lot of luck.. it really depends how u define luck luck is really when capability meets opportunity and the good thing abt luck is we can work on both capability and increasing opportunities.
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    Finally the truth.....

    hi outcast, instead of Hoping your mum will find her happiness, sometimes you can do more than just hoping.. introduce her to new activities or things that can keep her occupied and fulfilled in life. when she says your happiness is her happiness, it is definitely true, but do not assume that...
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    Partner has diabetes. Still marry him?

    maybe you should question yourself why you are having doubts than to question if you should marry your fiance. be fair and frank to your partner. tell him what you think and your concerns. is it the fear of needing to take care of him? or is it the fear of having affected children? is it...
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    I still weep for him Everyday after 5 years!!!

    Miko! I can emphatise with how you feel but if you have been feeling this for 5 years, maybe you have not done the things that are required to help you move on. Because we all have emotions and when things go wrong, and if you let emotions take over, they whreck your life and shatter the...