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    Diamond certificate

    I find it ok to pass the other half the diamond cert. I too gave the diamond cert to my other half as well. It's not receipt, and its some proof that the diamond is real. So in my pov, it's ok to pass the other half the cert.
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    Divorce support group

    Pmed you
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    Divorce support group

    Pmed you. @Shittymarriage: You can pm me your number so can add you in too
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    Is it considered cheating?

    In my pov, it's consider as cheating. You both are still in relationship, despite having a 'break' or so-called cooling period. Unless both have totally break up, and no longer can/want to be together.
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    Divorce support group

    If there is one, do pm me too. Maybe if there isn't any, we can start one?
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    Parents in law visit

    Well, I think your PIL scare you are lonely, and as you are eating out, usually are those 'outside food' which to them, isn't healthy. So they probably worry about your health too, hence requesting you to go over often to have dinner (at least home cook food). Instead of going over when your...
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    Revenge on the home wrecker

    TS, Your case is quite similar as what I'm facing. I'm not sure if you have given chance to your hubby and still in this marriage though. For me, my wife and I decided to end this and we are in the midst of divorced. I did know the details of this 3rd party as well. Even know where he work...
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    Advice Needed - dating a man who is going through a divorce

    Indeed sounds fishy. If he's going through divorce, he should be free during weekend. And weekday why no dinner too? Sound weird..