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    Peony Jade Resturant

    hi any ex PJ brides who had only 18 tables? how do u arrange the tables seating? who to place in front etc.. can share? also how was the make up room? is it spacious?how many ppl can squeeze into that room? was photo taking with each table taking lot of time? thanks..
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    thanks mida!! i got it!! you look so nice.. nice shoes as well..
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    hi midas, can you share ur pics w me also? [email protected] thanks..
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    Speech for Emcees

    Can share with me the emcee speech as well? [email protected] thanks
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    Speech by bride/groom

    forgotten to post my email add: [email protected] thanks..
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    Speech by bride/groom

    Can share the copy with me as well? many thanks!! we are at a lost..
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    hi any ex PJ brides? can give advise pls? did anyone use the MC there? if no MC is it weird? table arrangement?how to arrange please? thanks.. me AD is coming soon & i have problem with my guest list.. it's on 24/12
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    HOW long before to send out the Wedding Invitations???

    wow.. seems like a few of our dates are quite "hot" dates. mine is one 24 dec. alot of my frens cant confirm due to the hols period. what can i do? worse still, i've not printed my cards!!! help!!
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    "Here and Now by Luther VanDross" Anyone have this song??

    hi Sandollar, can i have this song as well? email me [email protected] many thanks..