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    Breast Augmentation recommendation?

    I'm currently considering Dr Leo Kah Woon at Mt Elizabeth. He was referred to me by a friend who also works at Mt E. Does anyone have any experiences with him or other plastic surgeons?
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    Difference between IVI & IVF

    Hi Xinxin, I did a couple of research about this when I was having a hard time getting pregnant. IVF is more complex process as the egg should be stimulated, transferred and fertilized whereas in IUI, the sperm is directly injected to the uterus. I can't be much more layman than this but you're...
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    Get tested

    Yes yes, that one
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    Get tested

    Well uhm, let me see. there is Dr Kelly Loi at Health & Fertility Centre for Women
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    Get tested

    Before marrying your partner, make sure that both of you had a Fertility test, and some other tests as well. Its really important. There are a lot of doctors to go to
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    why you wastin your life with her? that aint marriage la~