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    Brand New: $60 Wine Red Off-Shoulder Evening Gown

    is this still availble can i get it at $50
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    3 veils to let go

    hi is veil 2 still available?
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    Where to have wedding dress alteration?

    can pm me where to alter?
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    WTS: BN Christos Julianna inspired wedding gown and Modcloth dress

    interested in 2nd one, could u give me the measurements 97361372
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    WTS: Elie Saab Inspired WG *Brand new*

    is the 2nd one still available+)
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    great wedding gown for sale!!!

    kindly pm me size and pic thanksss [email protected]
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    Full Lace Mermaid Wedding Gown for Sale @ $100

    hi can you pm me other pictures interested my email is [email protected]
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    WTS : Yvonne creative package

    hi is it possible to just get the actual day portion of the package? alr have pre wedding [email protected]
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    WTS: bridal package

    helloo are u able to sell the ad part of the package without the pre wedding photography? :) thanks
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    Selling Bridal Package (Pre Wed + ROM + Actual Day)

    Can I know the complete details And the negotiated price of this Email me at [email protected]
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    AsiaStar Taiwan Pre-wedding package to let go cheaply

    Email me complete details. Able to negotiate to 1408 if possible.
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    Letting go taiwan package + 4d3n tour. valid till 2019

    Hi can you email me the details? Is it further negotiable? Thanks which bridal boutique is this? [email protected]