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    Cant help but feel annoyed with in Laws

    current plan is all move together and they will be staying with us until SIL buy her own flat. but as of now we dont know when she will buy probably staying with us for atleast 2years. for new flat its under me and my husband name, we will be paying. my husband say that will let his sister help...
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    one day you should just really get out of the house and agree to get divorce. all these things that he is saying and doing to hurt you shows that he has taken you for granted. There is a possibility that he says all these because he knows that you will not leave him for sure and that you are...
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    Is there such thing as a happy marriage?

    what problems do you have that makes you feel unhappy? every marriage has problems, i do believe that there are happy marriages. but happy marriage doesnt mean that their marriage has no problems, it just means that both put in effort to solve the problems together. if you have given up to try ...
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    Should I divorce over a lazy husband?

    Having a kid is not a solution, if he doesnt do house chores now, what would make you think that by having a child will make him do all the work? you have to ask yourself why did you choose him in the first place? if the reason you married to him doesnt exist anymore and he doesnt even try to...
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    Infidelity, Divorce, and Moving on

    Hi, iam sorry to hear about what happens. i had been cheated and manipulated before by my ex bf. i could not imagine how much pain you must had been through that your husband did what he has done to you. I hope that you are feeling better everyday and time heals. Be strong and be firm, i...
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    Cant help but feel annoyed with in Laws

    Hi, need advise here. There is a saying "its easy to get along but hard to stay together", now i fully understand what this means. I am married with my husband a year ago. I really get along with his family, his mom is a single mother and he has an older sister that is currently single. His mom...