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    Is there such thing as a happy marriage?

    Acceptance is the key to happiness as it's a fact there will no happiness without acceptance
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    Not sure what's your context here, but marriage is lifetime journey and not a milestone to clear like what you mentioned, a life progression. It's important to understand marriage is not a conclusion to a relationship. Infact, it's the beginning of 50 -60 years of commitment. It requires hell...
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    "i keep thinking bt divorce, she too thinks about it" if this is mutual, you two should sit down and face each other and your marriage truthfully. Being responsible to your marriage is one thing, Taking responsibility for your life is another
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    Have you ever wished your spouse dead?

    i totally understand you predicament. My spouse is abusive and quarrelsome. Not sure if yours has a medical condition like mine. Bipolar is a great excuse. "it wasn't me, it was bipolar" i been taking that for 18 yrs. my teenagers children are not spare, especially my son. he gets slap, punch...
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    Cutting ties with children from previous marriage?

    TS, as a divorcee , you should know better children and bloodline are perpetual . spouse aint unfortunately , they are conditional .
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    I may force to walk out of my baby and cut all ties

    TS, is you wife mentally sound? is she like bipolar or schizoid. If so , then medical treatment is the only hope to save your marriage. You will never be able to live with sick person who refuse treatment. it will be mentally too draining for anyone.
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    Sad & Confused

    TS, this may sound blatant but really.. you are just one of his FB whom he would go around boasting about. He is just abusing your feelings for him and making the best of you sexually and emotionally. It is harsh but he is a typical player IMO.
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    Cheating Wife

    TS, She knew who she love but also knew you make a better life time partner thus resulting in you current situation. Your pain will only double over the years when you one day find out A has never been out of her life. Apparently , you have lost her. Be kind to yourselves.
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    sex toys found...

    TS, if you cant trust him 100%, how an you marry him? unless you want to play the guessing game and live in anxiety for the next 30 to 40 years of your life. Please do not be afraid to give up a relationship because of the time you have invested in it. A marriage and family is where you can...
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    Should I accept his marriage proposal?

    At this stage of your life do you need a marriage? I would rather be together base on mutuality with the kids as priority. How does a marriage benefit you and your kids at this point in time. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Do you girls' bf go on holidays without you?

    It seems.this is his nature, thus is not about to change now or future..if you love him accept it. If you very sure you cant live with it then please end the relationship. You should only be with someone you can accept wholeheartedly. It is pointless and stupid to be with someone hoping and...
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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    He realised his wife is using the same dating app. Thats exactly what happen to my friend.
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    Does you ex come back?

    Unless somethings have change else no point getting back with any EXs. He who had left will leave you again, for the same reason.
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    Is Wife Having An Affair?

    it never was, divore is an outcome not a solution
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    Lost... What is love?

    there comes a stage when contentment is above satisfaction.... as a matter of fact, there is no happiness without acceptance