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    Anyone has successfully gotten rid of termite nests at home?

    Termites are a serious matter. Do not use all the fly by night solutions. You need to get rid of the queen and the entire colony else it will just keep moving its nest. I used to have to a major infestation which was a terrible nightmare. I went to aardwolf pestkare many years back and...
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    Good title and basic pay vs annual package (Inclusive of performance bonus)

    My two cents' worth of advice - decision lies with you ultimately and whichever path you decide, DO NOT ever look back and whine and moan and groan. Everything is opportunity costs. More pay means more work naturally. But give it some thoughts - in our current hectic and competitive...
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    Good title and basic pay vs annual package (Inclusive of performance bonus)

    happen to click on this post accidentally :P i agree with simpleman - title is superficial. It's the scope of work and experience/exposure that will add value to your CV when you are seeking greener pastures. MNCs - every other company is a MNC nowadays. What matters most is 1. Is this...
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    Serta Mattress- Anybody?

    Aussino. I have bought a few sets and it fits well. you may want to choose the higher thread count sheets for better comfort...
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    Hong Kong

    Hotel Jen (used to be called Novotel Harbourside) near Western Market area. It is a bit out of the way, but hotel is new and clean. There is a shuttle bus that alights and picks up at specific timing (e.g. IFC mall at Central area - city check-in), Admiralty. I stayed there last week. Other...
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    Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!

    Hi Rachel, Read that you just got back from Hong Kong. Am heading up next week. May I know where can i find krispy creme? Hope the temp is not as cold for next week. Thanks.
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    Serta Mattress- Anybody?

    hi, bought a king size Serta Skyline frm the IMM shop recently. Mattress comes with a layer of memory foam - very comfy. Had a good deal - bed frame, bench, 2 pillows, mattress protectors and not forgetting the sheeps - 3.2k
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

    Hi icebaby, Singapore Airlines is having a fare promotion for HCM. checkup website 2 to go at $188 per pax, total 570 incl taxes. Not a fan of budget airlines, esp after a bad experience with Tiger Airways during my trip to Phuket last year.
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    hi lyesha, like yr feedback pathumwam princess. May i know how much did u pay per room nite? Plus which website did u book the room from. Hi summersnow, any lobang for on-line booking for pathumwan princess too? Thanks!
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    Bangkok - Twin Towers

    Hi Irene, Is there a train station nearby to Twin Towers? You mentioned there's a river - is that for sightseeing ? Thanks.
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    True Yoga, Any comment?

    hi, is anyone interested in getting a true yoga membership at pacific plaza? I had a bad fall some time back, hurt my lower back spinal area pretty bad. I have been advised by my orthopedic specialist and physiotherapist to stop yoga classes completely. I would like to transfer my current...