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Hello, I am a Kaypoh, my name is big hole. Not dua-kang (besar lobang) but I use this name after the hole in Africa famously being the largest hand excavated hole by man for one thing: diamonds.

The missus is always saying I am a Kaypoh because I like to meddle in people's affairs and calculate stuff and dish out advises.

Like a drug addict, it is indeed a very fulfilling thing for me to help couples plan their future. So, instead of kaypohing her friends who seemingly do not need help, I am going to extend my kaypoh-ness to people who actually asks me for it.

I like to point out that, for the foreseeable future, I am doing this for FREE as a form of public service.

- For me, I run a one man show, so give me some time to work out and reply you.
- For yourself, it is your future, don't wait till 1 day before you going to spend on big ticket items then come find me as I might not be able to help you. Best time to ask me anything is always.

I help you/your spouse plan out or advise anything and everything mostly family starting related by using some financial means. This means, I teach you how/where to legally manipulate your money to skew things in your favour.

I do this for free, as a public service.
There is no catch, I do not sell insurance or financial products, my recommendations are what I would do or buy if I was in your situation.

I do have a day job in shipping, however, I will reply when I can how I can. If I do not reply you, means I maybe too popular to reply you. jk jk lol. Means my work/life is busy. I will obviously try to reply you as and when I can, help me by giving your time line like what you want to do during when.

I'm based in Singapore obviously, I will advise based on my understanding of the systems/schemes in place in Singapore. Of course, other countries are welcomed and I will try my best to kaypoh you. If you don't understand the meaning of kaypoh, I think you better go find out what it means before you come asking for advise.

Because I am kaypoh by nature, yet I do not want to be that uncle who is too busybody at gatherings, so I need my fix.
Jokes aside, at all times, I find too many people around me when starting their family (note, I say start family, not get married), tend to focus too much on wedding only. Not that it is wrong, but it leads to overspending on weddings that causes couples to not have money for the real deal: housing and kids.

This is the reason why banks offer loans on renovation and car loans but not loans for your wedding/photo-shoot and honeymoon.

Please try and agree with me when I say our generation of new families mostly have unrealistic expectations when it comes to starting a family. The signs are every where. It is quite distressing, really. Nonetheless, what I want to achieve for you couples is to guide you to take control of your financials, I am not insurance agent or financial advisor so I do not charge a fee.

I say again, you are welcomed to ask me stuff for free.

The procedure very simple, you can email me anything you want to ask regarding anything, your wedding plans/housing/investments and I will try to answer you. Time to time, if I post anything that you have a question about, you can ask me and I will help explain it more clearly you.

Email: [email protected]

Start of by introducing your situation, include information such as rough take home pay, what you intend to do, how much savings in the bank and CPF you have and what you want to do. We will take it from there.

As this involves big ticket purchases, please also include some inputs of your own or give some reasons why you want to do certain things in a certain way. Do not worry, I will not call you stupid. Illogical decisions sometimes is made because you don't know any better.

Note that I will share your story, omitting sensitive info, to help others make their decisions from time to time as well. Please inform me if you are strongly against me doing so.

Do Not:
Start a conversation by asking me to pm/email you, I am not selling a bridal package.
Ask for meet ups or ask for private numbers, for the reason being that, if I do not know you personally, I can make sound decisions.

Scold me/insult me/insult others.

I will only try to the best of my knowledge to help you out. Please don't sue me if my advise is not suitable for you. Obviously if I give out financial/investment related advise, it is best if you know what you are doing before committing. Only you are responsible for your own investments/decisions.

I am not going to be liable for the jokes I make or any remarks you may find offensive. Please note that I am starting out to help you not laugh in your face.
big hole


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