Extremely confident; overconfident is a better description I guess. That is the reason why when I fall, I fall real hard. The perfectionist I am doesn't allow any blemish in my life; everything has to be flawless.
Oh yes! I love to sing! I can simply spend the day in my room blasting music on my laptop and sing along. It's amazing that my singing can be louder than my speakers on full blast. *grins* but don't worry about me hogging the mic at ktv sessions, coz I never do that. It happens that I can sing louder than others who are using the mic! *laughs*
Shopping is a kind stress-reliever for me. Do join me when you see me out in town alone coz I don't practice self-control. Someone has to stop me from spending my one month's allowance in a day! *grins* When I can't decide which colour I like better, I will get the same piece of clothing in different colours.
Wednesdays and Saturdays WERE reserved for clubbing (mahjong sessions fixed on Fridays) *grins* Could dance the night away, oblivious to the surroundings (unless there's a really cute guy around. Well, my definition of cute is quite unique *laughs*). Retro is my favourite! Techno is a NO-NO! Can't dance to techno, too ah-lian for me. *laughs* Please do NOT label me as a chiongster! Thanks!
I do laps at the pool whenever I'm feeling down or have nothing else to do. Do not doubt my passion for swimming, I just don't swim often coz the chlorine will ruin my precious hair. One of my ambition when I was young was to become a national swimmer. *grins*
Basketball used to be the love of my life. Always remember the days when we (team-mates and me) trained so hard for competition; the times we spent at the court, be it Joo Seng CC or Gay World, after school to watch match or catch a glimpse of cute guys (sounds bimbotic? *bleah*); all the tears and joy we shared... unforgettable.
Banquet Venue
Orchid Country Club & Chong Hua Tong Tou Teck Hwee
Cream Pictures
Wedding Date (dd/mm/yy)
Bridal Boutique
The Feline Bridal
Photographer (Pre-wed)
The Feline Bridal
Photographer (Wedding Day)
Cream Pictures


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